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New Patient Testimonials

Love the Moss Chiropractic Practice

Love the Moss Chiropractic Practice, everyone is very helpful and friendly. I have learned a lot about my spine and how to take care of it. Also, all the procedures I have gone through have helped my pain immensely. I would recommend this practice highly!

Cherrie C.

Improvement Of Foot And Back Issue

Happy to return to the practice, and I had immediate improvement of a significant issue with my foot, as well as my back.

Sheila F.

Truly Listened

Everyone at Moss has treated my daughter with such patience and skill, and made her feel like she is truly being listened to. Thanks!

Harlie H.

Very Happy!

Keep up the good work. Very Happy!

Virginia L.

Dedicated To Helping Their Patient’s

I had all kinds of misconceptions about Chiropractors and was extremely skeptical. I met with Dr. Gabriella Moss you immediately put me at ease. Her knowledge, expertise, in-depth questioning of my situation and needs was amazing. She is truly interested in all of the factors that may have contributed to my aches and pains I was experiencing. No one had ever done that before – most doctors just told me to take Advil. I have been going to Moss Chiropractic over the last month and I feel great. I felt better after the very first visit.. they are dedicated professionals, dedicated to understanding how to improve the lives of their patients.

Stephanie S.

Life Is Much More Enjoyable!

Moss Chiropractic has made life much more enjoyable! I have seen them for over 14 years, during which time they have healed and alleviated sciatica, sinusitis, foot pain, back aches (from minor to debilitating) and belly aches. I trusted them to adjust and address issues in my children, even as infants. Their emphasis on patient education is helpful and I still learn something new when I visit the office.

Lauryn K.

Most Knowledgeable In The Area

Moss Chiropractic is the most professional, efficient friendly business. With out a doubt the most knowledgeable in the area with the most state of the art technology to better determine your needs and health care. I have seen two other chiropractors, neither which have helped me with my pain, I have been under Moss’ care for just a month and already feeling 90% better! They truly care about each patient and treat everyone as if they were the only patient! As a business owner myself, I can truly appreciate all their hard work! I can’t praise them enough! Thank you.

Mary Ann M.

Follow Up Spoke Volumes

I received a phone call later in the day following my first appointment where Dr. Ray and Dr. Gabriella wanted to check on me… make sure I was doing well after my first visit and adjustment. That spoke volumes. Thanks so much for the engagement you all show to your patients.
Alexandra B.

Clarity, Compassion, Relief

I experienced a lot of pain after an accident. Dr. Moss gave a clear explanation of what was going on and did a great job alleviating the pain. I experienced clarity, compassion, and most importantly relief. As Dr. Moss says “pain should not be a lifestyle” and after visiting with him I know he is right. He is highly recommended.

Clara I.


I come from a background where chiropractic care wasn’t properly understood…and I only accompanied my wife to her appointment, not to be a patient. I had the doctors take a look at me just out of curiosity. WOW! Now I wish somebody had suggested I go see the doctors at Moss a decade ago. Although I had no pain when I arrived, it turned out I was in need of some serious realignment. My problems (yes plural, I had several areas out of alignment) were not due to my being in my 50’s, they were due to long term misalignment. I had a dramatic improvement in my mobility after the first adjustment. So, even for those without pain, they should be seen to be sure there isn’t a small problem that will only get worse over time. Why not fix something small, instead of waiting, only to find your pain was avoidable?

David W.

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

I liked the way that Dr. G and Ray don’t blame you for your condition but blame it on the lack of knowledge and education on how to do things properly. I am hoping that by getting the treatments and doing the exercises religiously I will be able to rid myself of the chronic neck and back pain I have been experiencing.

Narcy K.

Thank You

Thank you, Dr’s Moss. The main problem that I came to see you about (my sciatica) has definitely improved. In fact, I think I can say I have been “cured”. I just hesitate to say completely because of other adjacent problems I am having in same area. I love the way the two of you work together and consult each other when needed; it reassures me. You both are absolutely amazing and I am so glad I found you. I am referring all my friends and family to you.

May K.

Better Understanding

My first experience was great and very informative. Gabriella knows her stuff and explained things very well. I came away with a better understanding why I am experiencing some problems and how I can potentially feel better. Thanks for your professionalism.

Rolande D.

Pain-Relief During Pregnancy

I was suffering from extreme hip pain associated with pregnancy. My pain is now almost gone and my activity level is almost back to normal.

Lindsay P. (Sandy Spring)

Thought I’d Never Recover

I can’t believe it, but I am back to myself again. After what I thought was a devastating injury, Drs. Gabriella and Ray Moss have proven me wrong. I’m back to my workouts. I’m feeling more energetic. I’m happy and confident. And I have Drs. Moss to thank. They worked miracles for me. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Allison P. (Rockville)

Right Decision

Thank you for your care and help. I have learned how choices I make help me stay healthy and free of pain. Ongoing care I receive keeps me stable with my problems. Returning to balance and alignments that are healthy through treatment really works. I have avoided back surgery and am very active. When I first came in, I was in serious trouble!

Randy N. (Olney)

Just A Few Visits Made A Huge Difference

After having a disectomy and fusion in my cervical spine in 2008, I have gotten progressively worse…pain, depression, lack of function. After only receiving four adjustments, I am amazed at the difference already! My pain is decreasing with each visit, I am able to walk farther and my mobility has greatly improved. I have never received chiropractic care. Had I known what a difference it would make, I would’ve started years ago. A lot of work ahead, but I look forward to feeling better and having and excellent quality of life.

Amy C. (Woodbine)

Walking Without Pain

Before starting with Drs. Moss, I would have been able to go to the Renaissance Festival. I enjoyed being able to move again without pain.

Susan D. (Silver Spring)

Out Of Town Guest Receives Help

I traveled here from Michigan to visit my sister. I had been suffering from low back pain with specific problems in my SI joint. Traveling made me nervous, so I came to Moss Chiropractic & Wellness to be adjusted before traveling on to visit more family in Delaware. The one adjustment eased my discomfort so well that I had almost no pain for the entire weekend! I am so thrilled that I was able to travel and enjoy my visit. Thank you to everyone at Moss Chiropractic!! I will be back again when I next visit my sister.

Lisa T. (Dearborn, MI)

Shoveling Snow Without Pain

During the latest snowstorms, I was able to shovel out my car. I used the good body mechanics as directed by Dr. Moss and stopped when I knew that I had done enough. What a difference from the continuous discomfort and actual pain which I had been experiencing when I started treatment with Moss Chiropractic & Wellness. I am grateful for the effect of my daily posture exercises (Dr. G) and weekly adjustments (Dr. Ray). Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Carla (Montgomery Village)

Car Accident

Upon arrival at the Moss Chiropractic & Wellness office, I was in terrible pain after being injured in a car accident. I suffered great pain from my back, neck and chronic headaches. After a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Ray and Dr. Gabriella, my back pain is completely gone! So are my headaches! I was amazed. The staff are wonderful. Dr. Ray and Dr. G are knowledgeable. I felt in good hands through the whole treatment. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone. Thanks so much for getting me right and free of pain.

Mildred S. (Olney)

Range Of Motion

Throughout my experience, I have been enlightened about numerous concepts relating to chiropractic care. This accident has allowed me to realize the underlying issues I have with posture. My range of motion has significantly improved as well as my posture with the help of Dr. Ray and Dr. G.

Salman I. (Rockville)

Relief from Back Pain

The orthotics Dr. Gabriella gave me really helped me a whole lot to relieve pressure on my big toes. They were hurting when standing which I do a lot because I am in retail sales. I was afraid I would not be able to continue working. That was a real God-send! Also, I have suffered with a very tight, fatigued upper back for almost all my life. The exercises, the stretches and the adjustments have helped a lot to correct my posture and greatly alleviate this problem. I also suffered from acid reflux and pressure on my thyroid which were also alleviated through Dr. Ray’s adjustments. I do feel better in every way!

Claudia C. (Burtonsville)

Chiropractic Care Works For Seniors

I’ve realized that healing takes longer as you get older — but it CAN get better. Maintenance program with chiropractic aid is a MUST! Most of my days are great now with my arthritic hip, but when I’ve overdone it or missed a correction appointment, I realized I must get right back into a routine. Otherwise, I’ll be hurting myself in the long run and stepping backwards in the healing process. I also realize that I’m in charge of ME and if I don’t do anything to keep myself healthy, nobody is waiting to take over!

Mindy C. (Laytonsville)

Headaches…Lack Of Sleep

Headaches were part of my everyday life. Now they are gone. Before I could not sleep more than three or four hours straight. Now I can sleep six or seven hours.

Marinete R. (Olney)

Computer And Commuter Pain

I came to the office with chronic neck and upper back pain. The treatments have had a huge impact on my overall health and especially on minimizing my chronic discomfort. The whole approach is totally different than prior chiropractic care I received, and I know that this approach is the reason I am feeling so much better. Although I recognize that I will be prone to neck and upper back pain due to my work at a computer and a long commute, I have been given the tools to help me stay strong and eliminate my chronic pain. Thank you!

Jane D. (Frederick)

Help For The Athlete

My reason for coming to the chiropractor was to correct my posture. I also had problems with my back and some hamstring pain. As an active person — playing tennis, at the gym, spinning, Body Pump and using various machines — I was concerned that would be limited by doing this treatment. Also, the trainer at the gym would always try to get me to go straighten my shoulders. I feel that my posture is 100% better and the activities that I do have been done with me feeling better.

Natalie B. (Silver Spring)

Military Drills…PAIN-FREE!

Being in the Army has put my body in a lot of pain. We are always doing something hard to put our bodies in pain. Since I have been coming to Moss Chiropractic & Wellness, my body feels 100% better. I can move and do PT without pain. Thanks again for seeing me and helping me heal.

Kim M. (Brookeville)

When Meds Didn’t Help

This is my second successful series of treatments. This time I was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal column, displaced lumbar disc and damaged nerve in my hip. With x-rays, traction and exercises, my spine was straightened, the nerve and hip healed and relieved of pain. I got chair support for my car and office. That was a major help and I still wear recommended support shoes.

Then I tore a tendon in my shoulder and got bone spurs and calcium deposits. When orthopedic treatment did not help, Dr. Moss treated my shoulder, neck and upper back electronically. The pain was relieved within a month and I have complete flexibility in my shoulder.

Frederic S. (Silver Spring)

Pain When Walking

When I started coming for treatments, I was having pain in the lower parts of my ankles when walking. I am no longer having this pain when walking or walking down stairs. Treatment has been beneficial for me. I feel 100x better. Thanks!

Ruby F. (Silver Spring)

Able To Study Without Pain In My Neck

After I get adjusted, I feel so much better. When I’m experiencing neck pains, I am constantly moving and changing my posture or position just for a little relief. I find it very hard to focus on my schoolwork or anything I’m doing because all I can think about is how badly my neck is hurting. After an adjustment, I feel less tense and stiff and more relaxed. I am able to move my head more freely and it is so much easier to concentrate.

Savanna G. (Brookeville)

Feeling Better Within A Short Time

Since I started chiropractic care, within weeks I’ve been feeling better. I came in with aches and pains and reflux problems. Now as the treatment continues, I feel lighter on my feet. I can breathe easy and eat without choking. I’m not feeling clogged, no headache, my fingers aren’t numb anymore and most of all I can move and get around pain-free! Thanks, Dr. Moss. You guys ROCK!!

Janet (Gaithersburg)

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