Patient Success Stories
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What Are People Saying About Moss Chiropractic?

Find Out Why We're the Favorite Chiropractic Team in Olney, MD

We’ve gathered some patient success stories so you can see what our clients have to say about our chiropractic practice. We work hard to provide the best chiropractic care but you don’t have to take it from us. Read and watch these testimonials from some of the patients who have had their lives changed by our care.

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Love the Moss Chiropractic Practice!

Love the Moss Chiropractic Practice— everyone is very helpful and friendly. I have learned a lot about my spine and how to take care of it.  Also, all the procedures I have gone through have helped my pain immensely. I would recommend this practice highly!

Cherrie C.

Life Is Much More Enjoyable!

Moss Chiropractic has made life much more enjoyable! I have seen them for over 14 years, during which time they have healed and alleviated sciatica, sinusitis, foot pain, back aches (from minor to debilitating) and belly aches. I trusted them to adjust and address issues in my children, even as infants. Their emphasis on patient education is helpful and I still learn something new when I visit the office.

Lauryn K.
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Their Follow Up Spoke Volumes

I received a phone call later in the day following my first appointment where Dr. Ray and Dr. Gabriella wanted to check on me… make sure I was doing well after my first visit and adjustment. That spoke volumes. Thanks so much for the engagement you all show to your patients.

Alexandra B.

Clarity, Compassion, Relief

I experienced a lot of pain after an accident. Dr. Moss gave a clear explanation of what was going on and did a great job alleviating the pain. I experienced clarity, compassion, and most importantly relief. As Dr. Moss says “pain should not be a lifestyle” and after visiting with him I know he is right. He is highly recommended.

Clara I.
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I only accompanied my wife to her appointment, not to be a patient. I had the doctors take a look at me just out of curiosity. WOW! Now I wish somebody had suggested I go see the doctors at Moss a decade ago. Although I had no pain when I arrived, it turned out I was in need of some serious realignment. My problems (yes plural, I had several areas out of alignment) were not due to my being in my 50’s, they were due to long term misalignment. I had a dramatic improvement in my mobility after the first adjustment. So, even for those without pain, they should be seen to be sure there isn’t a small problem that will only get worse over time. Why not fix something small, instead of waiting, only to find your pain was avoidable?

David W.

I am back to myself again!

I thought I’d never recover. I can’t believe it, but I am back to myself again! After what I thought was a devastating injury, Drs. Gabriella and Ray Moss have proven me wrong. I’m back to my workouts. I’m feeling more energetic. I’m happy and confident. And I have Drs. Moss to thank. They worked miracles for me. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Allison P. (Rockville)

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