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    What Are the Causes of Shoulder Pain?

    The shoulder, being the most flexible and movable joint in your body, comprises various components, including bones, muscles, joints, and tendons. This complexity means there are numerous ways it can sustain injuries, leading to pain. Given that your shoulders play a crucial role in performing both significant and minor daily activities, whether at home, work, or elsewhere, they are particularly susceptible to injuries, which often manifest as pain.

    Shoulder pain can arise from a sudden injury, or it can develop gradually due to repetitive motions affecting the joints, tendons, and muscles in the shoulder area.


    This condition refers to the inflammation or irritation of tendons within the shoulder region. It typically arises from the repetitive use of the shoulder, often seen in activities like sports, extensive keyboard usage, and construction work.


    Significant pain can also stem from an inflamed bursa. This is a fluid-filled sac in the shoulder that serves to minimize friction during bone movement. Excessive friction can lead to swelling of the bursa, often due to irritation. This irritation typically occurs from an acute injury or from repetitive use of the shoulder.


    The shoulder can be affected by two primary types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis, often a consequence of “wear and tear,” arises from issues with joint alignment and chronic overuse. On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis develops when the immune system mistakenly targets the membranes around the shoulder joint, leading to pain and inflammation. Both conditions result in symptoms such as pain, restricted motion, weakness in the shoulder muscles, and challenges in carrying out daily activities.


    A dislocated shoulder typically occurs due to an accident, like using an outstretched hand to break a fall, sustaining an injury in a car crash, or engaging in contact sports. This type of injury involves the separation of the ball of the shoulder joint from its socket.

    Frozen Shoulder

    Adhesive capsulitis, commonly known as a stiff or “frozen shoulder,” affects approximately 2% to 5% of individuals. This condition is marked by persistent shoulder stiffness and chronic pain. It often develops following a pre-existing shoulder injury or condition that limits arm movement over a prolonged duration, such as during the recovery phase after surgery.

    Tendon Tears

    Tears in your shoulder tendons, whether partial or complete, can be caused by an injury or degenerative diseases related to aging. Such tears, including those in the rotator cuff, often result in intense pain, even during periods of rest, and can limit the range of motion. Shoulder injuries of this nature necessitate prompt medical care. Seeking early treatment, be it surgical or non-surgical, can greatly enhance the recovery outcome and speed up the healing process.

    Warning Signs of Shoulder Pain

    The specific symptoms you experience with shoulder pain can vary based on its underlying cause, including:

    • Limited mobility and discomfort when moving your shoulder.
    • Weakness in the shoulder or upper arm area, which in some cases might be accompanied by a feeling of the joint momentarily slipping out and then back into its socket.
    • Experiences of tingling (similar to pins and needles) and burning pain, often related more to nerve issues stemming from the neck rather than the shoulder joint directly.
    • Difficulty or weakness in moving the arm outward from the body.

    Tell-Tale Signs You Need to See a Chiropractor

    If you’re around Leisure World-Norbeck, MD, and struggling with shoulder pain, getting in touch with a chiropractor is a smart move to figure out what’s causing it and how best to treat it.

    Signs you need to seek treatment:

    1. If that shoulder pain just isn’t going away after several days.
    2. Finding it tough to lift or carry stuff.
    3. When your shoulder pain is so bad, it keeps you up at night.
    4. Having trouble lifting your arm.
    5. If you’re seeing signs of an infection, like fever, swelling, a warm feeling, or redness.
    6. Noticeable bruising or swelling right around your arm or the joint.

    How Our Chiropractors Will Treat Your Shoulder Pain

    The key to effectively treating shoulder pain is getting an accurate diagnosis from the Moss Chiropractic team. We’ll start by figuring out what’s causing your shoulder pain before we recommend any specific treatment.

    Shoulder misalignment can lead to problems like inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms. If you’re dealing with this, our gentle chiropractic adjustments to your shoulder, upper back, and neck can help get things back in line and relieve your pain.

    Treatment for posture issues


    Sitting with a bad posture for too long can cause postural syndrome. It happens when your shoulders slump forward and down towards your chest, and your head sticks out over your chest. This position really strains your neck and shoulders. Chiropractic treatment can not only help lessen the effects of postural syndrome, but it can also show you how to keep good posture and steer clear of the pain.

    Six Benefits of Seeking Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

    By partnering with us to manage and prevent your shoulder pain, you’ll experience a range of benefits that go beyond immediate relief:

    • Less inflammation
    • Decreased pain
    • Greater flexibility
    • Enhanced range of motion
    • Stronger and more toned muscles

    Plus, the improvements in flexibility, motion, and muscle strength can reduce your risk of falls, fractures, and sprains, contributing to your overall well-being.

    Get Your Shoulder Pain Treated By Our Experts

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    Is persistent shoulder pain affecting your daily routine? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Moss Chiropractic. Book your first appointment with us and take the first step toward a more comfortable, pain-free life.

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