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    How Chiropractors Relieve Neck Pain

    Understanding Neck Pain

    Neck pain is a widespread issue, affecting around 66% of people at some point in their lifetime.

    The neck, a vital yet fragile body part, bears significant weight. Consider the weight of your head, approximately 10 pounds, all of which is supported by the neck as it connects your head to the rest of your body. This makes the neck susceptible to strains and injuries.

    Factors Leading to Neck Pain

    The majority of neck pain cases are linked to bad posture, leading to gradual wear and tear on the cervical spine.

    Various factors contribute to neck pain, including straining from poor posture, osteoarthritis, and routine activities. These activities may involve prolonged reading, typing on a computer or phone, extended driving hours, or sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

    Identifying Neck Pain

    Typical symptoms of neck pain are tenderness, spasms in the neck muscles, and stiffness in the neck. Factors impacting the neck’s bones and tissues, such as osteoarthritis, swelling of lymph nodes, muscle strains, and nerve injuries, can lead to neck pain.

    Those suffering from neck pain might also face muscle rigidity, soreness in the neck, and limited head mobility. The intensity of the pain can fluctuate, ranging from a mild, persistent ache to acute, piercing pain. Additional symptoms of neck pain can include, but are not limited to:

    • Pain and discomfort from staying in one position too long
    • Difficulty in standing or sitting straight
    • Sleep disturbances due to discomfort and pain
    • Tightness and stiffness in the muscles of the upper body
    • Headaches
    • Numbness or tingling sensations in the arms
    • Weakness in the arms

    When to Consult a Chiropractor in Ashton-Sandy Spring for Neck Pain

    Consider visiting a chiropractor in Ashton-Sandy Spring:

    • If your neck pain doesn’t show any sign of improvement for days.
    • If turning your head in any direction causes sharp or ongoing pain in your neck.
    • If you find yourself frequently depending on over-the-counter pain medication to manage daily activities, as persistent pain of this level is not normal.
    • If you begin to notice numbness extending from your neck to your wrists, hands, or other parts of your body, it may be necessary to seek the expertise of a chiropractor.
    • In cases where your neck pain develops following an accident and begins a few days post the incident.
    • When neck pain is most severe upon awakening but gradually diminishes as the day goes on.

    Chiropractic Approach to Neck Pain Management

    Chiropractors use adjustments to the neck and back to relieve issues with the cervical spine’s joints. This approach can help reduce pain caused by nerve irritation, muscle spasms, and strains.

    Moss Chiropractic, located near Aspen Hill-Layhill, MD, employs both manual techniques and specialized instruments for cervical spine adjustments. This realignment of the vertebrae addresses problems stemming from poor posture and previous injuries, leading to improvements in neck conditions.

    For individuals experiencing pain radiating from pinched nerves in the shoulder and arm, chiropractic care is effective in repositioning bones, relaxing muscles, and relieving nerve pressure.

    Furthermore, a combination of chiropractic care, stretching exercises, and home-based exercises can offer significant relief from neck pain. A 2016 study provides support for the effectiveness of a well-designed chiropractic treatment plan for both acute and chronic neck pain. Techniques such as soft tissue massage, which targets muscle knots in the neck and shoulders, are often included in a comprehensive treatment strategy to alleviate symptoms

    The Moss Chiropractic experience and patient stories

    At Moss Chiropractic, we help you find long-term relief through personalized treatment. Book your first session with us today to find the neck pain relief you need. Click here to read stories from our patients who have found relief.

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