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Meet Drs. Raymond and Gabriella Moss

Dr. Raymond Moss

Picture of Dr. Raymond Moss

Dr. Raymond Moss

I didn’t know what to think…

At age 12 and playing basketball in a small town in Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, I was injured, frightened and in pain. I hobbled into a chiropractor’s office on crutches looking for help; not knowing what to expect.

The doctor met me in the crowded reception area and promptly asked the curious onlookers, “Anyone want to bet me that this young man walks out of this office without his crutches?” …My chiropractor won his bet!!

Coming out of that office, without that ‘crutch’ planted the seed for me to absorb the natural concepts of chiropractic. My chiropractic education started that day and continued over the years with my regular chiropractic visits. It led me to realize that health is not found in a bottle. It’s found inside all of us.

The confidence and passion with which my doctor spoke and acted inspired me to want to learn more. While still in high school I had the unique opportunity to visit Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and learn firsthand what the founding school of chiropractic was all about–an impressionable time for me no doubt.

A Comprehensive Chiropractic Education

I went on to play basketball for four years at Bucknell University while completing my undergraduate requirements for chiropractic school. With a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in hand and acceptance into Palmer College of Chiropractic I was ready to start my life’s work. My undergraduate degree helped to prepare me for the education that I was about to receive–over 2,000 hours of biological and clinical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, geriatrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, obstetrics and others and more than 1,000 hours of chiropractic sciences including body mechanics, spinal analysis, adjustment techniques, x-ray protocol and interpretation. Along with classroom training, the more than 900 hours of clinical practice trained and empowered me.

Hall of Fame Induction

Dr. Ray was recently inducted into his beloved Norwin Athletic HS Hall of Fame. As many of you know he went on to play college basketball at Bucknell where he became the team co-captain with Jay Wright who is now the Coach for Villanova.

He took the opportunity to thank the people that helped to shape him and make him the person he is today. Here’s a clip of his speech.


Dr. Gabriella Moss

Picture of Dr. Gabriella Moss

Dr. Gabriella Moss

I thought I was the picture of health! I exercised regularly, ate a mainly vegetarian diet (long before it was popular) and took no medications. It wasn’t until I received my first chiropractic adjustment while in my 20s that I realized how I had just accepted the way I felt as normal.

I’ll never forget the euphoric feeling that I had after I was adjusted. I had to look down at my feet to make sure they were really touching the ground. The usual tightness in my back from sports and cheerleading dissolved and I started needing less sleep. It was at that point in my life that I learned the difference between lacking symptoms and functioning optimally.

After earning my bachelor’s degree in Public Health I enrolled and was accepted at Palmer University in Davenport, Iowa. I had always had a keen interest in the human body from a very young age but didn’t feel that drugs or surgery were the answer to living a healthy and active life. Therefore, traditional medicine was something I did not have an interest in.

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Helping Patients Function Optimally

Picture of Drs. Raymond and Gabriella Moss

Drs. Raymond & Gabriella Moss

My initial concentration when I went out to Davenport was to help people holistically but what I learned was so much more. I loved every hour spent learning about the human body and its incredible ability to heal itself– as long as there is nothing interfering with that life force. I loved coming to the realization that I was going to be able to help my patients beyond symptom relief. I was going to be able to offer to my patients’ health care that would allow them to function optimally—a stronger immune system, more energy, less pain, clearer thinking, improved organic function…! And I feel so blessed to be able to touch my patients’ lives in that way.

Our practice is committed to correcting our patients’ spines. We are dedicated to providing the chiropractic procedures that have been scientifically proven to make a structural correction of the spine. We want to provide to our patients what we want—a form of health care that will allow us to function optimally until we’re 100 years old!! Any recommendations that we make to our patients are things that we do ourselves.

While at school we were fortunate to meet and were married prior to graduating. We started our family shortly after graduation. We are the proud parents of three wonderful children, Alexandra (30), Raymond, Jr. (28) and Sebastian (26). We have raised our children without vaccinations and very limited use of medications. They receive, as we do, regular chiropractic adjustments and appreciate their health and don’t take it for granted.

Moss Family

Moss Family

We share our passions for life, family and chiropractic- the foundations on which our practice was built in 1987, and continues until this day. We enjoy the beautiful Washington DC metro area. Biking the city and surrounding areas has always been a great past time for our family. Taking in the rich history of the sites, events and museums the city has to offer, has provided endless opportunities for our family enjoyment. We love to cook (and eat!!!) and in fact if we could somehow blend the concept of healthy eating and chiropractic, someday maybe we will have a ‘chiro cafe’. Just a thought!!

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