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Headache-Migraine Laytonsville-Montgomery Village

Headache imageDo you suffer from headache pain? Migraine headaches are amongst one of the highest on the list of health problems that people suffer from around the world every year. Headache pain is not normal and most can be resolved with chiropractic care and physical therapy.
Most headaches originate from a few sources in your neck, or cervical spine. When your spinal bones begin to shift from its normal midline position the nerves may become irritated. Your spinal nerves exit out from the spinal cord between the neck bones. This could be the source of headache pain that radiates up the back of your head and wrapping around in a head band presentation.
Also the joints of the spine can have an uneven weight distribution through them due to the misaligned bones creating pain at the base of the skull. Lastly, the muscles that attach to the improperly positioned spinal bones can become tight and spastic creating muscle tension and pain around the head as well.

Migraines Near Laytonsville or Montgomery Village?

Migraines are usually unpredictable episodes that bring on a throbbing headache along with blurred eyesight. Many causes are linked to stress, and sudden changes in a daily routine. There are two different types of migraine:

  • Migraine with aura, formerly called common migraines
  • Migraine without aura, formerly called classic migraines

Many people who have a migraine with aura, see stars, or have fuzzy vision, or a temporary blind spot for about 30 minutes before their headaches starts

Causes of Headaches

Headaches occur for various reasons. A headache is your body’s way of signaling you that something is not right. Doctors of Chiropractic recognize that a headache is the body’s warning alarm that pain is linked to muscle tension and irritation in the nerves and blood vessels in the neck. The seven cervical vertebrae can become misaligned termed (subluxation) from excessive physical and emotional stress. Researchers are not very sure what causes a migraine, but they do know that it involves changes in the blood flow to the brain. When the blood vessels narrow or constrict, the reduced blood flow causes visual disturbances, difficulty speaking, weakness, and even numbness. Later, the blood vessels will dilate or enlarge, leading to increased blood flow, and a severe headache.

The mild cases of headaches often occur from the result of occasional “morning after” problems of drinking, excess, smoking, and even eating. Others may be the cause of improper diet, hunger, excessive noise, daily pressures, and infection..

A study conducted for different types of headaches including migraine to more than 2,600 patients demonstrated that chiropractic treatment may be provided as a good preventive treatment for migraines. Another study showed that the number of attacks lowered to up to 90% and had a rather significant reduction in pain intensity. In a 1999 study, migraine attacks are directly correlated to stress claimed by 80% of the patients therefore researchers believe that through chiropractic care, the body’s reaction to stress can be reduced.

Why does chiropractic work so well?

Why has Chiropractic been a blessing to millions of headache suffers? The reason may be that most headache suffers appear to be carrying around subluxations in their bodies (and don’t even know it). For example, one study of 6000 long term headache suffers (suffering two to 25 years) revealed that neck damage due to injury to the cervical vertebrae ie (whiplash, falls) was the most important factor in the cause of the headache and should be suspected in every nonspecific case of headaches.

How does Chiropractic Affect Headaches?

For many years it has been said that the DC after a Doctor of Chiropractic’s name also stands for “Doctor of Cause” —chiropractors correct the cause of a patient’s health problems, rather than give painkillers and other drugs which only treat the symptoms or suppress the disease symptoms and drive them deeper into the body.

A team of surgeons may have found one of the answers as to why chiropractic works so well. They discovered as small neck muscle that connects to the brain membranes. When the neck is out of alignment, this muscle can actually pull on the brain!

As the lead surgeon writes:

An increasing body of literature relates headaches to pathology affecting the cervical spine and a number of clinical trials have demonstrated that Chiropractic … is valuable for managing headaches. 13

Numerous research studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments have been effective treatments for headache pain, especially tension headaches or headaches that originate in the neck. . Dr. Moss will perform a spinal adjustment to help alleviate your headache. Each person is different and you will be examined before treatment to determine the best way to eliminate your headache pain.

In Olney, Laytonsville or Montgomery Village, Drs. Gabriella and Raymond are available to help you with all of your pain management and rehabilitation needs. If you are suffering from headaches, car accident injury, whiplash or other problems involving your musculoskeletal system then call our office today for an appointment at 301-570-9000.

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