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Arm Shoulder Wrist Pain Rockville-Norbeck

Carpal Tunnel

HandsYour wrist begins to ache, your fingers are numb and tingle, you feel the pain up your arm, and your neck feels stiff and tight. Your grip weakens, and you may even begin to drop things.

Your doctor diagnoses carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) a common overuse injury of the wrist where the bones of the wrist misalign and compress the median nerve in its tunnel at the wrist. You do therapy, take anti-inflammatories, wear bulky splints, exercise and readjust your ergonomics, but the pain doesn’t go away. Surgical decompression is performed, but fails. Doctors suggest the problem “is all in your head,” and in reality, they may be close!

Researchers now show the problem may be coming from your neck. For over 40 years, it appears researchers have noticed that CTS does not exist alone, and is the reason many treatments, including surgery fail. This is this because compression of the nerve often exists in more than one location on the nerve, primarily though in the neck. It is observed that proper alignment is important at the wrist elbow and neck to prevent compression of the nerves that cause pain, numbness, burning, and loss of strength in the shoulder arm and wrist. So if the only treatment is performing surgery on the wrist there is a high percentage chance that the surgery outcome will fail. Other studies suggest that there is a significant correlation between bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis in the neck.

Overuse a factor

Overuse of the wrist and elbow in an over flexed or extended position can begin the process of soft tissue breakdown and resultant bone misalignment, inflammation, and nerve compression. This type of repetitive use of the arm and wrist also is compounded by chronic abnormal neck posture and positioning. Which negatively affects the median nerve which originates in the neck. Spinal misalignment (subluxation) causes abnormal compression of the discs, joints, and nerves (leading to arthritis, degeneration, pain, numbness, burning and weakness).

Therefore, jobs like waitressing, cashiers, carpenters, meat cutters, musicians, computer operators, painters, even housewives are strong candidates for nerve compression in the extremity at the wrist and elbow.

“Chiropractic, therefore offers a logical solution for help with carpal tunnel syndrome”

For over 30 years Drs. Gabriella and Raymond Moss have been experts in diagnosing and correcting spinal misalignment (subluxations). What many people may be unaware of is chiropractors are also experts in diagnosing and correcting spinal misalignments of peripheral joints such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, etc. that occur as a result of repetitive overuse.

Since, spine and extremity misalignment is prevalent in our society because of repetitive motions, poor posture and traumas; everyone should have a chiropractor on their health care team to maintain alignment of the spine and whole body.

Misalignment of any movable part, whether it’s a car wheel, a gear in a machine, or your spine, will wear out faster and break down sooner if it’s alignments is not maintained.

If you or your friends suffer from carpal tunnel or (shoulder/arm) pain make an appointment today for a complete examination and find out how Drs. Gabriella and Raymond Moss can help.

At Moss Chiropractic and Wellness we will examine your spine as well as your wrist, elbow, and shoulder for proper alignment. A course of corrective adjustments and therapeutic exercises, may be used.

If surgery is necessary, Drs. Moss will work with your medical doctor to help insure your most favorable outcomes.

Most importantly, maintain your spine and all your body joints with regular chiropractic care to help prevent CTS and improve overall health potential. Call us today at 301-570-9000 or email us at don’t let your pain and dis-function get the best of you!

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