We want to help you
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at any age

At Moss Chiropractic, we know you want to be the best you can be.

You want to feel confident in your body and the decisions you are making for your health.

Unfortunately, over the past 3 decades of practice we have witnessed that many patients like you have lost confidence in their current healthcare program because none of the solutions you have tried have really worked and you still don’t know how to achieve fully functioning health and wellbeing.

This might have made you feel disempowered because you’ve probably been told that your health care problems are your own fault, due to your age, stress, genetics, or weight. Which leaves you without hope and without a clear path for how to turn things around.

We believe you have the right to access the information and care you need to live your life optimally. Your doctor has the responsibility to give you answers and solutions that work for you. You deserve a healthcare provider who gives you true solutions that are the most time- and cost-effective.

Most importantly, we honor that each individual has the responsibility to decide what health and lifestyle choices are best for their needs and that of their family.

 We have been in practice for over 30 years and have treated over 14,000 patients. We have helped thousands of people restore their function, health and vitality.

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You can expect your visit to be a new and more empowering experience than you have ever had with a health care provider… perhaps even life changing!

Woman learns more about how Moss Chiropractic can help with her back pain

Meet the Doctors

Pop Quiz! Do you know what doctor means? It means TEACHER. And we take that role very seriously. We’re here to teach you how to maintain optimal health. 

We deliver a comprehensive approach to healthcare. Your body is not missing medication or surgery. You’re missing a plan to work towards ideal health. If we feel we can’t help you, we will find you the right provider with the right answers to help you through your health concerns.

Dr Ray Moss helps patient with back pain

Dr. Raymond Moss

I grew up In a small middle class town in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. As most adolescents I enjoyed sports, especially basketball. One afternoon I injured myself playing and my mom took me to her Doctor not just any ordinary Doctor, she took me for my first Chiropractic visit. I hobbled into the Chiropractic office on crutches and left walking pain free. That day was a seminal moment in my life. I realized at a young age there was more to getting your health back than pills and shots. I returned to that nearby town many times as a young adult to listen and learn from Dr Walter V. Pierce, an internationally known speaker and educator of the Chiropractic profession at the time. 

I was fortunate that Dr. Pierce was in my backyard growing up. He saw something in me that I only realized years later- that all of us have, the ability to positively affect the lives of others. The basis for my interest and passion in Chiropractic and what it can do for my patients was born from my mentor’s dedication to the profession, educating those around him and his results……..providing the best possible outcomes for his patients. There is something gratifying and to be said for providing answers to patients longstanding healthcare worries. Providing hope has sustained me for over 30 years of practice. For that I am grateful.

Dr. Gabriella Moss

I thought I was the picture of health! I exercised regularly, ate a mainly vegetarian diet (long before it was popular) and took no medications. It wasn’t until I received my first chiropractic adjustment while in my 20s that I realized how I had just accepted the way I felt as normal.

I’ll never forget the euphoric feeling that I had after I was adjusted. I had to look down at my feet to make sure they were really touching the ground. The usual tightness in my back from sports and cheerleading dissolved and I started needing less sleep. It was at that point in my life that I learned the difference between lacking symptoms and functioning optimally.

After earning my bachelor’s degree in Public Health I enrolled and was accepted at Palmer University in Davenport, Iowa. I had always had a keen interest in the human body from a very young age but didn’t feel that drugs or surgery were the answer to living a healthy and active life. Therefore, traditional medicine was something I did not have an interest in.

Woman receives consultation on how to fix her back pain

Let us help you back to living your life with optimal wellness.

We grow an entirely new body every 7 years- so there is no such thing as ‘permanent’ in the human body. You can restore the lifestyle that you once had. Let’s get you back to living life feeling your best.