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Happiness is the highest form of health

Get back to feeling your best self and start living your life optimally


Wellness Plans that Work

Enjoy Restored Health

Live Your Full Potential

Is your current healthcare failing you?


    Are you managing symptoms with drugs that don't make you feel better?

    Have you been made to feel your health problems are your fault?

    Have you lost confidence and don't know what to try next?

    Do you wish you could find a healthcare partner who can give you real solutions for your health problems?


It's time to take back control of your health

Reach your goals with a personalized plan, a team you can trust and the support you need to make it happen:

Be empowered in your health

Learn the real causes of your health problems and know what to do. Your visit will be a new and more empowering experience than you have ever had with a health care provider.

Be supported to feel your best

We grow an entirely new body every 7 years- so there is no such thing as ‘permanent’ in the human body! You can restore the lifestyle that you once had and the life that you loved.

Save time and money

You will know how to maintain your improved health and avoid re-experiencing the same symptoms you are struggling with now, keeping you free from repeated visits to doctors and surgeons.

Our Approach

Your body is not missing medication or surgery. You’re missing a plan to work towards ideal health.

We deliver a comprehensive approach to healthcare. If we feel we can't help you, we will find you the right provider with the right answers to help you through your health concerns.

"Literally the best decision I’ve made! You walk In feeling one way and walk out feeling so much better. They are great educators, seasoned practitioners, and really value their patients. It’s a very personalized approach. If you need relief, I highly recommend!"

R. Thomas

" I felt better after the very first visit.. they are dedicated professionals, dedicated to understanding how to improve the lives of their patients. "

Stephanie S.

"I was very impressed and pleased with the amount of time both doctors spent with me as well as with the level of care provided during my first visit. Thank you!! "

-April J.

"Moss Chiropractic has made life much more enjoyable! I have seen them for over 14 years, during which time they have healed and alleviated sciatica, sinusitis, foot pain, back aches (from minor to debilitating) and belly aches. I trusted them to adjust and address issues in my children, even as infants. Their emphasis on patient education is helpful and I still learn something new when I visit the office."

Lauryn K.

"You’re all first class! "

Kevin G.

Your path to health is within your reach

Book your session

Schedule a complimentary consultation and tell Dr. Gabriella Moss about your health concerns

Get your treatment plan

On your second visit, you’ll get a complete report where we help you understand the latest research on the treatment and correction of your problem and you'll get an individualized treatment plan.  

Start feeling better

We get to the root cause of your symptoms and put a plan into action to get you back to optimal functioning

Meet your new health team

We're Drs. Gabriella and Raymond Moss and we are committed to getting you to optimal functioning and wellness. We specialize in functional wellness programs that address the underlying health issues that stop you from feeling your best.

We have been serving patients in Olney, Maryland and surrounding areas for more than 30 years and we can't wait to meet you!

An Olney Community Favorite

We are proud to have been named one of The American Institute of Chiropractors "10 Best" in Client Satisfaction since 2016! Our dedication and passion for patients is what drives our practice – we have served the Olney community for 30+ years, and look forward to many more. Thank you for entrusting your care to us!

You want to be the best you can be

We want you to feel confident in your body and the decisions you make for your health. We're your partner in health, here to guide you to maximize the function of your body. Call us today to get started.

Moss Chiropractic and Wellness
18123 Town Center Dr
Olney, MD 20832
Phone: (301) 570-9000


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